What problem are we solving?

The problem

Traditional way similar to stocks and commodities plays a pivotal part within the global traditional economy, supplying more than a few benefits to traders with a huge request anticipated at 300T dollars. To make RWAs to be on the blockchain, it is often essential to hold the real asset in query.

This demand creates a main handicap for DeFi structures, not only does it involve significant costs, but it impacts project budgets directly, but it additionally forces structures to undergo centralized entities and ignore all translucency leaving at the back of a cornerstone of the blockchain morality.

The solution

Synthetic assets reflected on-chain: With Grand Base, you don't need to hold or own the underlying asset to benefit from it. Users can invest and exchange synthetic representations of RWAs on the blockchain, disposing of intermediaries and the associated expenses, for both customers and the protocol.

gAssets (Grand Base Assets): These assets are ERC20 mirroring RWAs and backed by on-chain assets used as collateral. This guarantees the value and stability of gAssets. What is more, the on-chain assets backing the gAssets are part of a liquid market, ensuring that customers can enter and exit their positions easily and at any time.

Decentralized liquidity: The architecture we have implemented guarantees constant liquidity for users and an additional layer of security. Based on decentralized LPs, gAssest LP tokens are owned by the protocol's users.

Grand Base's mission is clear, to provide transparent, secure, and decentralized access to traditional assets, while guaranteeing liquidity and stability for its users.

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