Grand Assets

Grand assets are tokens that act as versions of real world assets using replicating prices directly on chain (gAMZN, gOIL, gCOIN) and are exchangeable anytime on a decentralized exchange.

Unlike traditional tokens, which represent an underlying actual asset, gAssets are synthetics, reflecting best the price fluctuation of the corresponding asset. The price feed comes from an oracle, we use Chainlink.

This data is particularly used to set the collateral ratio for a gAssets issued. The valuation of gAssets aligns with traditional marketplace hours, and this does not hinder their trading, they are available for trading on relevant DEXs at any time.

Everyone can mint gAssests that are whitelisted by the protocol by providing collateral, users must maintain a guaranteed ratio at least equal to the product of the minimum guarantee ratio (collateral), the ratio is mainly 150%, depending on the asset.

N: The value of the user's collateral against the minted asset must exceed the minimum collateral ratio for the transaction to be successfully executed.

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