To create a dynamic system where all players are incentivized to participate, we position our governance token at the center of the ecosystem. The $GB token is used to reward the platform users, traders, and LP token stakers.

xGB tokens represent a locked version of the native $GB token, distributed as a reward for users' activities on the platform. Upon receipt, users have strategic options,

  1. Immediate exit: Users can instantly swap their xGB tokens for the liquid $GB token. However, this immediate conversion comes with an associated penalty.

  2. Redemption: Alternatively, users can opt for a redemption process, which involves a cool down period before the xGB tokens can be converted to liquid $GB.

Grand Base rewards the pillars of the protocol, our reward model is based on the Real Yield from the platform's activity.

Note: For users willing to participate in revenue sharing, it is essential to stake their xGB tokens.

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