🌊LP tokens

What is LP token

Grand Base LP Tokens

While the liquidity provider contributes to a gAsset/USDC pools, he receives LP tokens in exchange. Each pool has its own LP token. Those tokens represent the liquidity issuer's percentage within the pool.

LP tokens, on top of generating a yield on the liquidity through the token exchange flow, represent the heart of Grand Base's market architecture, LP providers are a pillar of the marketplace.

LP & Staking rewards

In essence, LP tokens are a manner to earn rewards via supporting the liquidity of the ecosystem, at Grand Base, the protocol users own the LP token of the gAssest and can take advantage of it

  • Stake your LP tokens to earn xGB rewards.

  • Collect trading fees

These rewards come from new tokens minted by the protocol (locked tokens). For more details about the staking, visit the corresponding section "Staking".

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